56 Day The Hard Way - Days 6 & 7

Weekends can be tough for a lot of people that are working on weight loss, fitness and/or nutrition. Opportunities to fuck up abound. You can get trapped by a pizza, you can trip and fall into a 12 pack of beer or accidentally crush a whole pint of ice cream.

For me the biggest challenge is to remember to eat on schedule. I tend to get hyper-focused on projects and forget to eat. I also forget to get up to pee. Yep.

This, my first weekend of 'getting back' wasn't 100% perfect, but it sure as hell was WAAAAYYY better than the past 30 weekends. I accidentally (seriously, the pull is strong) ate a pieces of my kids' pizza crust and panic ate a left over cheese sandwich when I realized I had no protein in the house and was about to go on a 4 hour excursion alone with my 3 boys (ages 5, 5 & 10). Damn that feels refreshing to write. I actually considered keeping that hidden, tucked away in the name of being 'the perfect nutrition coach'. Well, I'm not perfect and I do make mistakes, even when I'm doing a program founded in not making mistakes for the first 56 days.

So - that was Saturday, but unlike the previous weekends where I told myself I was 'in the off-season' (somewhat true) and binged on graham crackers & whatever else was in the cupboards, this weeknd I did not. I count it as a huge personal victory. I also only had those two screw ups out of a possible 35 times eating. 33/35 is still and A and that's what I'm giving myself.

Movement was great - I took a 5 mile walk with my wife and took the boys on an awesome day trip, then spent a very valuable hour with my younger brother-in-law making one of gyms, and our digital platform, a better place.

On to the next!


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