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This S*** Ain't Easy

This s*** ain't easy. Whoever told you it is was lying.

Sure there are shortcuts, but they're full of pitfalls. You're smart - you get that eating 500 calories a day and taking weird diet pills isn't a plan - it's a band-aid for a 1,000 stitch wound.

You wanna kill the problems that you worked so hard to get (make no mistake, eating garbage for years and abusing your body is hard work, and reversing it is equally as hard)?

You better be ready to work.

You wanna lose the 50 pounds that you worked so hard to put on with bad habits and booze? You gotta WORK!

You wanna get back in shape, lose the last 10 and finally (f***ing finally) keep it off?

You gotta work work work work work.

You want a perfect a** or amazing abs or how about something more realistic like the energy to play with your kids?


Change, real and lasting change, is hard work - and the work doesn't stop - but it does become embedded and habitual and easier and eventually the change just becomes who you are.

...and oh yeah - those old habits will make a comeback and crawl up on your shoulder and try to whisper in your ear - and you'll have to repeatedly grab them and squish them like cockroaches they are.

Because you - yes, YOU - know that going back isn't even on the menu. That's not you anymore, and anyone who defines you by who you used to be is buried with the roaches.

You want real change? WORK MotherF***er! Oh, have a great weekend.

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