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What is 56 FAST?

SO, what is 56 FAST?

56 FAST is an intensive, guided 8 week plan with a 1 week introductory phase designed to onboard you smoothly, followed by a 3 week transition period designed to help you transition into the next phase.

Over 12 weeks you will learn the fundamentals of nutrition and how to simply implement these skills into your life.

56 FAST includes a simple to follow Food Guide & Shopping List, Meal Planner, 50+ page Recipe Book, Private Online Members Group & in-app Coach support.

56 FAST includes a simple do-anywhere Fitness program with 4 Levels, designed to be effective for just-starting beginners and seasoned gym-rats alike. You can also choose to use your own program. We've had people walk, Zumba, CrossFit, dance all night, bike, yoga and anything else you can think of. As long as you're moving we're good!

56 FAST is delivered by daily emails and daily check-ins run through our easy to use app.

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