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Our Team 

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Dan Martin

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Founder, Gym Owner, Coach

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Jeff Costomiris

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Professional Fitness Trainer

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Rebecca Goodrich 

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Registered Dietitian &

Licensed Nutritionist


Dan Martin began his career as a professional DJ and music producer at the age of 18. He released his first album in 1996 and quickly toured throughout the United States and Europe. Dan owned and operated several record labels and one of the Midwest's most beloved vinyl record shops for DJ's.

At age 31, Dan was jet-lagged, overworked, out of shape and in desperate need of a drastic lifestyle change. He engaged in a course of personal and professional transformation, first overhauling his own diet and exercise habits. Inspired, he was drawn to share this transformation with others.

Dan opened his first fitness and nutrition center in Miami in 2008 and it continues to thrive.


The Dan Plan has created achievable successes for many people of diverse backgrounds and body types at these locations, pushing Dan to reach out beyond his local markets and work with people all over the world, online.


Dan continues to embrace his local community and growing online following with a commitment to a balanced approach for nutrition and exercise.

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