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Body Dysmorphia Pt. 2

Every month or so, we have a dinner with friends - it's usually filled with active Dan Planners and husbands or wives that roll their eyes at all of our food talk.

From what I can gather, hearing about protein shakes and spinach repeatedly is not entertaining? (I actually agree).

I missed the last one - but from what I was told there was a battle for body dysmorphia supremacy. Two of the contenders are people who train relentlessly at our gyms. We're talking high level athletes - people able to do stuff that most people will never even get close to. Because of this, they've developed a very lean, athletic physique.

They're a couple of the people that prospective clients point to and say,

"I want that body. How do I get that?"

This happens repeatedly.

Low and behold - these people think they're fat. I admit that I have some of the same thoughts. Now - let's think about this. We're talking about people that are extremely lean, highly athletic and dedicated to diet and exercise.

How do we get here and how do we change that?

A lot of it comes from how we were raised. Past experiences, even passing comments, can stay with us for a long time. I was told I had skinny legs when I was 11. I still remember it. A lot of it comes from social and cultural pressure - magazine models with airbrushed and photoshopped bodies are the norm.

Instagram 'models' that post only the most perfect poses are the norm. THIS IS NOT REALITY!

Reality is filled with stretch marks, and blotches and acne and all sorts of other stuff we see as imperfections.

If you can reframe your perceived imperfections as experience marks or badges of honor you'll enjoy yourself in a whole new way. If you wanna know the secret to reframing - shoot me a message and I'll be happy to talk.

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