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DO NOT start a Fitness or Nutrition Challenge in the New Year (or EVER!)

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

It's the end of December again.

That time of year when you start taking stock in everything and making resolutions.

You've got a little down time so you're scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, checking in on that one guy's dog and the lady you met five years ago with 9 cats and your weird high school teacher and everybody else's perfect life.

Look! It's your best Facebook friend!


"Take my 19 day keto-carb butt blaster challenge and shed that annoying belly fat."

The paid ads with pics of abs and annoying fitness dudes yelling at the camera about... "NOW IS THE TIME! Take my 7 hour Keto Pizza Pocket Challenge and get shredded!"

"Buy my 19 minute Paleo Oreo Fasting Challenge and get the body you've always wanted."

"With only 20 minutes of Wet Yoga you can look like a Fitness Model."

"Lose 6% Bodyfat in 6 weeks all while buying a used car and learning Japanese!"

It's BS and you know it, but your thumb is so itchy and it looks so easy and maybe this one is different, maybe it'll work this time, maybe just maybe....

Yep, it's that time again.

"Take my 19 second Intermittent Fasting Bicep Challenge and shed that annoying body hair. Click the link!!!"

As someone with over 10 years experience in the fitness & nutrition field, I'm here to tell you to NOT start a challenge, whether its 6 weeks or 7 days or 19 minutes.

DO NOT start a challenge. Ever. Never ever, ever. Ever.

Challenges are recipes for disaster. Why? They set unrealistic expectations. They don't offer an after plan. I know, Challenges were part of what I did for a brief period.

They DO NOT work. They have an end date. Life doesn't have a set end date .The goal is to live as long as possible.

Set habits that can last a lifetime. Establish eating habits that make sense for the long haul. Use exercises that you enjoy and will keep doing.

There is no secret exercise or crash diet that works. The key to reaching your fitness goals is finding something that works for YOU and that YOU will stick with.

If it's Yoga and veganism, great (just please do a few real push ups and track your protein). If it's CrossFit or OCR or running or Pilates (make sure you do some strength work please ) I'm ok with it, as long as it works for YOU!

If you're unclear on what actually works (I know, it's confusing with all of the info out there) the 'Best Practice' is to hire a professional to help you cut through the BS.

There is no one-size-fits-all Challenge that can give you what you need. Don't fall victim to hype.

Fight the FOMO and find what feels right in your gut, something that you enjoy and will last. You'll know when you find it.

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