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Getting Caught with Pizza and Cake!

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Yesterday my daughter turned 16!

Confession: We had pizza and cake. I indulged.

Of course, my family and friends (because I’m known as “The Dan Plan” now) playfully took pictures of me and threatened social media exposure.

The great part about this “diet” (by definition, The Foods someone eats habitually) is that there are pressure releases included!

I spent over 18 months in Phase 1 & Phase 2, never doing perfect but always doing better. I earned my abs with spinach and protein.

I also climbed the mountain to Phase 4 which means special occasions, holidays and vacations are off Plan.

For me, off Plan means a Plan breakfast, a Plan lunch and then maybe off Plan dinner, or maybe pizza, or tacos, or whatever. I’m in control. I know I have the skill set to stay in control.

That, to me, is the beauty of The Plan. Learning to enjoy without having guilt. Having the skill set to not be knocked off track by one meal. Having cake (if you like it) at a kid‘s birthday (if you’re ready).

I understand my friends and family being playful, and I laughed with them (...but not before I let them know about Phase 4 Life).

The end goal of The Dan Plan Diet is to remove the challenge mindset from nutrition culture, completely.

Challenges are a recipe for disaster.

Learning to eat and be good to yourself, even when you make a mistake or purposely go off Plan, is a recipe for success.

Celebrate small daily wins, don’t look for perfect, look for better & stay the course.

When you‘re ready, reach out to me and let’s talk about YOUR habits and your goals. I’m here and I truly give a s**t. 😁

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30 mai 2022

Greaat read thank you

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