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Here's the key to 'Hacking' your nutrition (and sticking with it forever).

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Hint: the key isn't a diet banana.

Remember that time you learned a foreign language overnight? Or how about the time you learned to shred the guitar like Eddie Van Halen in a month, just playing for 6 minutes a day? No? Maybe you became a surgeon in a weekend at a certification course. Sounds crazy right? Because it is.

The same thing is true of mastering nutrition - it takes time. Excuse me...ahem.... IT TAKES TIME...

...and commitment, and preparation, and a sprinkling of will power.

My good friend Alejandro is a master plumber, electrician and carpenter. He's helped build out every part of our gyms.

His saying is, "It may be simple, but it's never easy."

He knows that fixing a pipe may result in fixing 9 more issues.

His experience has told him this.

My experience has told me that nutrition is about progress and compliance over time. Many people will start a plan and come out HOT & FAST and perfect. Sometimes this actually works - these are the RockStars! They're few and far between. Usually it's a log path paved with tons of success and some failures (holidays, birthdays, vacations, etc).

If you have a bad meal, or a bad day, or a bad weekend, or a bad week, or a bad month - stop - reset- make a plan - prepare - be held accountable - and execute! It all starts now - nothing you can do about yesterday - zero, zip, zilch. Get back on the pony and ride. Today. Right now. PREP!

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