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I Got Super High Before I Wrote This

The end of the first quarter and the entire second quarter of 2020 has been a doozey, aina?

Like wow, this thing hit like a ton of bricks attached to Randy Savage's elbow dropped off of the top rope.

I have to admit, I fell off.

Business stress, the stress of not knowing what to believe, how to protect my family. All of it! It added up and changed a lot.

For me that has meant stopping one of my favorite habits - getting high in the morning.

I like to wake up, drink some water, have some coffee and then get high by myself. It's a ritual and it makes my day better. If I do it, my day is great. If I don't - look out! I'm stressed out, I get angry easy and the entire day can be ruined.

So yeah, over the past few months, my desire to get high in the morning has waned, so I've gone multiple days without a hit - and it's HORRIBLE!

Today, that changed. I woke up, went through my routine, then got SUPER high - and today has been amazing.

A complete 180.

I can't believe I stopped. Facepalm - DUH!

Here's the prescription I used to get high this morning:

As fast as possible with heart rate not above 170:

80 Lunges

Bike 1600 meters

80 Double Unders

60 Lunges

Bike 1200 meters

60 Double Unders

40 Lunges

Bike 800 meters

40 Double Unders

20 Lunges

Bike 200 meters

20 Double Unders

Oh hey - if you're looking to start a lifestyle change, keep reading this blog and join my Facebook Group and watch what we do. When you're ready to sign up, or just have a 15 minute conversation to see if we're a good fit, fill this out:

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