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The Relation of Music Production and Lifelong Fitness

I've been making music since I was a teenager.

I've been swimming and running competitively since I was 8.

Both things require a large amount of time if you want to be good, and success in either is not guaranteed.... but the hard work will pay off if you stick to it.

In order to elicit change physically, you have to stress the body and then allow yourself time to recover.

Failure to create physical stress will result in no gains.

Failure to rest with result in overtraining and injury.

You have to find the sweet spot and live there.

Likewise, too much time in the studio will result in fatigued ears, overthinking, over editing and lackluster production.

You have to remove yourself from the studio, rest your ears and brain and then come back fresh.

In both fitness and music, in order to succeed you have to put in the time and you have to continue to do the work, even when it feels like you're stalling or getting nowhere.

Current success does not equal lifelong success (the caveat is that a great music production from your early days can carry you for a long time, whereas physical performance from last year or 2 decades ago doesn't mean much for your current fitness) .

Both fitness & music require repeatable systems that help you become better and better. Simplification helps immeasurably in both.

Eating the same breakfast and having the same set up for your drum channel each time are more similar than you'd think.

You're setting yourself up for success before the real work of the day begins.

Failure will happen.

You'll have a crap eating day, you'll also have a bad day in the studio.

You'll have bad races and you'll have bad gigs.

You'll recover from both - and eventually the good will outweigh the bad - you'll have great results in both if you keep showing up and putting in the work.

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