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Patrick Has Kept His Weight Off For Two Years!

"I tried the whole 30, I wasn't ready for it. I tried a bunch of word-of-mouth programs that were ridiculously hard to keep on for more than a week or two."

"This is the best plan I've been on, period."

What was the hardest part?

"I think during the second week I was getting really frustrated with getting meals cooked. My cravings didn't "evolve" yet, so some nights, after just pure frustration of not knowing WTF to eat after a long day at work, I wanted to throw the towel in. That passed pretty quickly though. The easiest part is the overall simplicity of the program. It's not too restrictive and very easy to follow.

Everything just became a habit so I found myself pushing myself more and more. I'm feeling great. Oh, I need smaller pants!"

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