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Doctor Endorsement - Dr. Ryan Moran smashed his weight loss goals, then he smashed an IronMan!

"Being both a physician and middle-age athlete, I have seen the challenges and benefits of achieving and maintaining a high performance nutrition plan from all angles.

As a physician, our counsel in the medical realm is limited. Our focus has more and more gravitated towards pharmaceutical band-aides, and our recommendations and guidance are often tied to studies that have not yet appreciated the benefits of many nutrition plans adopted by high performing individuals.

As a middle-age athlete, I appreciated first hand the priority good nutrition takes in being able to break through in my age.

I was static and not making any progress for years until I joined The Dan Plan. While on The Dan Plan, I lost 30lbs bringing me back to my college weight, and after struggling for years to break 200lbs.

I was able PR in all triathlon distances by dozens of minutes, and I was able to break 12 hours in a full distance IronMan... something I thought unimaginable just a couple years ago.

The Dan Plan achieved this not just through a user friendly and flexible road map of choosing the right foods and proportions, but through a comprehensive support and guidance addressing influences on nutrition and compliance.

The Dan Plan offers something a diet book, journal, or podcast can never offer: A supportive team there to help troubleshoot your cravings, rebounds, and stagnation so that you can truly hit the results you intended!"

-Dr. Ryan Moran, MD

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