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"The Special Forces Mindset" Could Be The Secret to Your Success

I've been doing this fitness & nutrition thing professionally for over 12 years now. Thousands of clients, dozens of employees, double digit number of commercial leases.

It's a damn tough business, but it's highly rewarding.

One thing has been consistent throughout these 12 years - those that are consistent succeed and those looking for a quick fix or fast cash fail.

My business partner Chad is a great example of this. Chad walked into 305 and wanted to compete. His singular goal was to make it to the CrossFit Games Regionals. We sat down and he told me about himself.

Special forces, combat experience, competition experience, CrossFit experience, nutrition experience.

I said ok, eat more carbs and prepare to physically suffer. And he did, and he made it.

During this process he became an unpaid intern and worked his tail off. He soon became one of our best coaches.

When we were building out A1A he showed up and worked more than anyone, without asking for anything and without being asked to show up. He was just a part of it. He was there. It was noted.

When he asked to buy in, it was a no brainer.

So what makes him different?

Does he never make mistakes? Nope - he makes them, we all do.

The things that make him different from most that I've ever worked with are his consistency and his ability to see the bigger picture for the business - beyond his own pocket book.

He understands hard work, he understands reward, he understands that making a bigger pie for all of us means we all eat more pie. Fighting for more of a smaller pie doesn't get you more, it just gets you a fight.

Don't fight for more of less. Work for more of more.

Set goals high. Expect to work hard. Don't be an asshole.

Check in, succeed.

It's really simple, it's just not easy.

Lesson for the day? Be a Chad.

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