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The Valley

So, it's the Monday after Thanksgiving. In the business I'm in, this is one of the valleys. Those times that people drop off of the face of the earth and then resurface, after gaining about 10 pounds.

Inevitably it's the same story year after year. No time, less money, more vacations, holiday parties, seasonal depression, colder weather, company staying with you.

...and inevitably it's the same story January 1st


Call me crazy, but the month of December isn't an excuse to let go of the hard fought gains you've achieved. For me, it's a time to double down -or- an amazing time to start.

You don't need to tackle every goal at once - but you do need to start. Imagine hitting January 1st down 5 pounds instead of up 10 pounds. Imagine feeling amazing about the choice you made over the holiday season.

It's not impossible - it's actually pretty realistic. With a little planning, a little will power and just getting started it can actually be a reality.

Here are a few links to help get started and keep going:

To sum it up, don't wait and procrastinate. Make this the year that you start early. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to better. You'll thank yourself for it later. I promise.

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