56 Days The Hard Way - Day 2

It's wild what two days can do.

Things I've noticed already:

My body feels much better, less inflammation, easier falling asleep and general mood improvement.

My wife cooked an amazing dinner of dal (recipe incoming) and rice, neither of which fit in my plan. I have stocked up on frozen goods, so I went with a microwave dinner - Dan Plan style and nuked broccoli, cauliflower rice and veggie meatball. This kind of prep is kind of under mentioned. Most of the time we think of massive batch cooking and dividing meals into containers. Last night was 20 minutes of microwaving, a little salt and pepper and BAM - a delicious meal filled with fiber and nutrients.

Do I love microwaving food? Nope. It's not my ideal scenario, but after a long day of work and child rearing, I'm ready for easy. It's peak better not perfect.


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