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Joe Lost 48 Pounds & Is Off 3 Meds!

"I made a goal for myself to hit 180 before my 40th birthday (February 11th). I reached out to Dan Martin (The Dan Plan) to help me reach that goal, officially starting on September 9th, 2019 at 231.6 lbs.

This morning I reached my goal with 12 days to spare. That's 48.4 lbs in 144 days, or a .33 lb a day average.

I have further goals to end at 175 and then continue to tone as spending the majority of my adult life at 300 lbs has left a decent amount of loose skin (if you've seen Click, you might remember the Adam Sandler skin flap scene).

I am back in my doctor's good graces once again. My blood pressure is now normal, so I am now off Lisinopril. My cholesterol is now LOW, so I am also now off Simvastatin. My A1C is at a 6, so I can now discontinue taking Glipizide. I will take another blood test in 3 months to see if I can take myself off my last diabetic medication (Metformin).

Thank you to Jessica Marie Arellano for sticking by me through all this, Dan and his community for the guidance, tools and support I needed to keep myself accountable (seriously if you need to make a change, HIT HIM UP), my family for supporting me, my friends and co-workers for joining me on hikes, and everyone who has encouraged and dealt with my wild mood swings as I adjusted.

I've been way too feel good lately. Time to go back to making some angry music."


If you're ready to change like Joe, visit this link:

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