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Leaks In The Roof of Life

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

It started with a drip - that damn leak in the roof again. The rain had been coming for the past 10 days and this was just the cherry on top.

I looked out the window and the street was flooding, again. I went into the garage and yep - it was leaking (mental note, text the roofer NOW!). Ok - move the cars up on the driveway. Oh s***!

The side door is leaking now - oh wow, this is serious. OK. Shirt off, gym shorts on, get outside and figure it out.


That's a lot of water -damn! OK - Block the flow with anything. Wood, rocks, sandbags.

WOO! Ok, it's not getting in the garage now.

Ok it stopped. Ok - check the radar.

OH NO! Another wave is coming. OK, just hope it stops before the water gets to our lower lying garage. 30 minutes later it stopped, just short of intruding fully into the garage and house.

So, that was my evening. I almost caved and ate garbage. The house was a disaster from home schooling and cooking and who knows what. We're talking bikes inside, couch pillows all over, just a mess.

BUT - the blender was ready, so it was a chocolate protein, peanut butter & spinach dinner night. I count the flood mitigation as my exercise and the immediate fall to the couch and deep breathing as my mindset training for the day. Take it or leave it.

The rub is this - shit is going to hit the fan. There is ALWAYS going to be an event, planned or unplanned.

Flood, fire, thanksgiving, mitzvah, whatever. You will have an excuse. Will you crack? Will you cave?

My answer today was NOT TONIGHT FROZEN BEAN BURRITO. I'm so happy I made that choice and fought off that temptation.

Day 4 in the books, the roofer showed up and I'm calling it a better not perfect success.

On to the next!

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