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The False G-d of Week 2

Updated: Jan 4, 2021


Week 2 - you false god!

I see it all of the time. People come charging in - positive vibes, hashtags rippin up into the social media stratosphere. #newlife #fitness #change

Yeah, yeah, ok. The issue at hand is a lifestyle change, and the real issue is that we, as fit pros & health providers and coaches don't do enough to prepare people for the long haul and determination it takes to make lifestyle changes that stick.

The first two weeks are easy. I mean, they're difficult, but as the novelty fades the real battle begins. For me that means fighting off the snacks my wife perpetually brings in 'for the kids' and making the right calls. I don't always win - but lately more often than not I have been.

Last night I stumbled and ate a leftover sweet treat left in the fridge from our Indian neighbor. I love Indian sweets! They're packed with honey and ground up nuts and butter. They're sooo sweet and chewy and delicious. I had fallen asleep with my kids early and was wandering back to my bed at around midnight. Something diverted me (mild dehydration) to the fridge. Oh look! The last 1x1" square - oh that's mine!

That sweet treat led to a fistful of crackers. I felt shitty for a second, then realized I was down 4.5 pounds and 1% body fat in two weeks and I am doing way better than the past 8 months.

I'm taking the wins, I'm not getting too excited with them this time, and I'm admitting my losses and moving forward. It's getting easier the more I do it.

On to the next!

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