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6 Hacks To Improve Your Fitness Immediately

Updated: May 18, 2020

1. Hire a coach

I'm certified by ISSA, CrossFit, USA Track & Field, USA Weightlifting and probably some I'm forgetting. I've worked with thousands of people over the past decade, both in person and remotely. I'm an expert in my field. Y'know what? I have a coach. Actually THREE. My main coach, and the person I trust the most with my overall training is Chad. He programs my workouts and helps me plan for race strategy. he watches my nutrition, he observes me, kicks me back in my lane and makes sure I don't over train. My nutrition coach basically says, "good job, fix this." about once a week, that's really all I need on that end. That's all I need. I pay both of these guys. It's 1000% worth every dime. My life coach, or my mentor I guess, is my Dad - and I consider him a 3rd coach. I don't pay him but I probably should! I can bend his ear about anything. He has experience in life & business above and beyond mine. I'm lucky to have his wisdom and support, I know this and try not to take it for granted.

So yeah, if you're serious about your goals, hire an expert - a coach. Pick their brains, get better. Respect your investment and put in the time time and effort.

2. Get the plan and just do it

This goes together with number one, but if you hire an expert, just do the work. You didn't hire the expert to have committee meetings on the program. You hired them because they have experience and knowledge.

3. Ask questions to create clarity, not raise more questions

If you need someone to talk to, great, say it! BUT - your coach is not a therapist and has not done the proper training to handle the twists and turns of therapy. Sure, they can empathize with you and listen to your issues in order to help solve the problems they are helping you solve (nutrition, fitness, lifestyle). However, relationship advice, grieving and other issues are usually outside of the scope of a professional coach. Empathy - absolutely. Therapy - while your relationship may feel like therapy (and as many have stated to me, "This is better and cheaper than therapy!" - it is NOT therapy.

4. Believe in the Plan, and believe in your team

Once you've signed up for coaching - follow the plan presented. If you have done your research, and your coach has done theirs (in my case, 12+ years, thousands of clients, non-stop education & research), there should be no need to question the fundamentals and basics of what's laid out. Believe in the Plan.

5. Have fun, but don't expect it to be all fun and games

The workouts my fitness coach sends me are boring. They're repetitive. They're grueling. And they're effective as hell. I am training to be the best in my chosen sport. I don't need or want bells and whistles. I want to do the work no one else will do, so I can do the things no one else will. The fun comes at the end of the race, on the podium. The fun does NOT come in mile 10 of a 10 mile run at race pace on a hot afternoon in Miami Beach. That's the grind, the required work. Your needs may differ, but at some point you're going to need a why...and it better be more than 'tone up'.

6. Hire a coach

I get it, you think coaches are expensive. You know what's really expensive? Driving around without a map looking for a place that you have no how to get to. You're burning gas, you're frustrated, you stop off at YouTube city and get some free advice, then you stop off at Instagram Influencer land and find a few free workouts from the chick with the nice butt. Later on, you get sidetracked by the dude on Facebook that yells at overweight people, then your cousin tells you about the shakes and belly wrap that helped her lose 10 pounds before she put 15 back on. If time is money, you just burned a lot of both looking at shiney objects and not doing any real work.

I have never regretted hiring a coach. Each one has provided valuable insight. A couple I have even stuck with for years, helping my fitness, health and business grow.

Coach = road map = success.

Short version - get a coach, commit to change and execute the plan presented and you'll succeed. When you're ready, shoot me a message and let's get rolling!

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