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Breaking Through the Plateau - Real Conversations with Real Members.

These are real conversations from real members, past & present, of The Dan Plan.

Names have been omitted to protect the innocent.

I only lost a pound.

"I know how you're feeling but you have to stay the course...AND congrats on losing a pound. That's sustainable and real progress."

I only lost a pound again

"Don't feel bad - feel accomplished! Next week you'll likely lose 1 more - this is what we want."

I only lost half a pound.

"This happens, but we're more focused on long term data points. I see you down 15 pounds, good CBC, many good lifestyle changes, improved blood pressure readings, less medication, clothes fitting better, etc etc etc - you are smashing this! The scale is just one marker, and we care WAY more about the macro vs. micro data points. 16 weeks vs. 1 week. Make sense?"

If I don't lose 2 pounds this week I'm giving up.

"I wouldn't suggest putting an ultimatum like that on yourself - usually the added stress will mess you up. Usually it's switching plans before completing the hard work and not staying the course that stops progress."

The scale says I gained a half pound!

"If you keep rolling you'll hit your goal, I know this. I've seen it a ton of times. Busting through the plateau and getting to the goal is tough. In my mind worth it. Patience and persistence will pay off."

I've only lost 19 pounds in 3 months. I'm still 10 pounds from my goal. I feel so defeated.

"You are down over 10% of your bodyweight in 3 months! That is fantastic! I truly believe that you can get there, 100%. Listen, I know it's frustrating and the back-and-forth and plateaus can be SUPER frustrating. My job, my mission, is to push you through these plateaus. Proof - I'm writing your friend's Phase 2 docs right NOW! She had to PUSH - not easy, not a straight path at all. I'm here to help - and I don't mind having these conversations at all. I truly enjoy the problem solving - and I know what it means for you to get there."

I weighed myself last night after I weighed myself this morning and it says I'm 2 pounds heavier than this morning!

"You need to weigh yourself at the same time, on the same day, wearing the same thing under the same conditions. Once a week maximum. Once a month is better. Focus on the GOOD you've done! You're already down over ten pounds in 3 weeks. That is REALLY good, and ahead of our pace. Stay on track - I have your back and YOU got this."

I messed up superbad! I ate some crackers.

"Be gentle on yourself and understand that you're learning a new way of eating, and it's going to take time - this is not a crash diet - this is long term, lasting change....which is what you want. Take it off and keep it off. You will make mistakes, and that's ok. This is all about the Better Not Perfect mindset. How will you react to your mistake? Focus on ONE little mistake or focus on the 99 good decisions you've made this week alone. You ate some crackers. It's ok in the grand scheme. You have done so much right already, a few little crackers can't stop you!"

UGH! I don't think this is working for me. I only lost a pound this week.

"This is science, backed by hundreds and hundreds of results. You will see results, and we've got a minimum of 3 months to see them. Take a deep breath and enjoy the process".

I only lost a pound.

See number one.

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