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Cutting Down Banana Trees

My mother in law has a green thumb. Every time she visits she plants a few things. It's great.

When she first planted banana trees, I didn't even think of them as fruit trees, and I certainly didn't think of them as a plant.

They were tree, planted for shade and because they looked good. At least in my mind.

The grew, and grew, and grew.

It was amazing. They're beautiful.

Sometimes they'd bear fruit, but I never plucked it.

I let it grow, and eventually fall, wasted.

Since March 14th, 2020 I've been at home. I finally researched banana trees.

They're don't actually have trunks, just shoots of tightly wrapped leaves.

They bear fruit every 12-15 months.

Turns out you have to chop them down and harvest them so new ones can grow in their place. If you don't, no new fruit will grow and the trunk will eventually rot.

It's pretty gross and stinky.

So I cut them down, and harvested about 40 bananas. They're delicious little things.

Working in the yard gives me mental clarity. It cuts out the noise. It allows free thought.

Interesting stuff. Pretty sure there's a lesson in there somewhere.

What do you think it is?

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