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Don't Get Trapped in Pizza (or How to Win The Weekend)

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Weekends can be tough for a lot of people that are working on weight loss, fitness and/or nutrition. Opportunities to mess up abound. You can get trapped by a pizza, you can trip and fall into a 12 pack of beer or accidentally crush a whole pint of ice cream.

For me the biggest challenge is to remember to eat on schedule. I tend to get hyper-focused on projects and forget to eat.

My first weekend of 'getting back' is never 100% perfect. I accidentally (seriously, the pull is strong) eat pieces of my kids' pizza crust and panic eat a leftover cheese sandwiches when I realize I have no protein in the house and am about to go on a 4 hour excursion alone with my 3 boys (ages 6, 6 & 10). I actually considered keeping that hidden, tucked away in the name of being 'the perfect nutrition coach'. Well, I'm not perfect and I do make mistakes,. Better Not Perfect is the mantra.

If I see stuff like that, I'll eat it, so I try to not have much in the house. Convenience food, junk food, whatever - call it what you want - will get eaten in time if you're like me. Moderation is not my strong suit. So yep, hide it, or have someone else hide it, or best case scenario, just don't have it!

So - unlike the previous weekends where I told myself I was 'in the off-season' (somewhat true) and binged on graham crackers & whatever else was in the cupboards, this weeknd I will not.

I will count it as a huge personal victory.

I also can have a few screw ups out of a possible 35 times eating.

32 or 33 out of 35 is still an A and that's what I'm giving myself.

So - the biggest take away from this - focus on being BETTER this weekend, not perfect.

Sleep in, drink more water, move a little bit more and eat nutrient dense foods in reasonable portions - and when you make a mistake, get right back on track. Better not Perfect!

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