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Food is Important, but Movement is Even More Important

We've all heard the saying, "Move it or Lose it".

In this case, the thing you'll lose is the hard fought weight loss gains you've worked so hard to achieve.

Calorie restriction will only take you so far. The human body was made to move!

A March, 2019 study done at the University of Colorado, found that people who lost weight and kept it off maintained a much higher energy expenditure level than those that didn't maintain their weight loss.

SO...what type of movement should you be doing? Anything. Walk, jog, run, sprint, dance, lift.

Far too many times fitness pros like myself get wrapped up in the best tempo to squat at or the correct angle to pull from. Sure, this stuff is important and it's exciting to debate on the internet, BUT, for 99.9% of people, getting up and doing something, anything, is more important than the best protocol for BFR or the bar path in a snatch (google it). Most people will simply never get there, nor do they need to.

If you're a newer trainer/coach, focus on getting people to move well.

If you're someone just starting exercise, keep it simple.

Start walking. When walking is easy, jog. When jogging is easy run. When you can run, sprint.

Learn how to squat. Learn how to push and pull your own weight. Start basic, learn fundamentals, then build upon them.

Apply this to all movement.

Find movement you enjoy and do it.

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