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It Never Gets Easier

The average American is faced with 250 food choices a day.

It never gets easier but you can make it SIMPLE.

People look at someone who’s lean, who appears to ‘have it together’ and think,‘Oh, they’re different, they know something I don’t. ‘

We don’t. Well, maybe we do - but this isn’t rocket science. I mean, it’s Nutrition and Exercise science - but it’s not what big money marketing want you to think it is.It’s simple - but it’s not easy.

What we (The Dan Plan) have is an innovative system designed to hold you accountable and guide you to what you want.

I work with vegans, I work with meat eaters.I work with athletes, I work with people recovering from cancer.

I work with people looking to lose 90 pounds, I work with people looking to gain 30.Kosher, vegetarian, pescatarian - yes, yes, yes.With The Dan Plan and the Better Not Perfect mindset, I’m aiming to teach you simple information - simple tools- that will create change - for life - so that you can stop feeling confused, frustrated and lost - so you can master your domain.

Will you still need to make those 250 decisions every day?


BUT - you’ll be armed with the skill set to know that you have the tools to make correct, informed decisions.

While it’s true that there is a lot of new research on nutrition and fitness, most of the facts have not changed.It’s pretty simple information.

Just don’t confuse simple for easy.

You still have to do the work.

You still have to check in.

You still have to move.

You still have to push past frustrating plateaus.

My job is to make it simple.

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