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Jay's Results Are A Great Example of Learning Sustainable Eating Habits

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Tell me about your experience with the program?

I had formerly been a member of one of Dan's gyms. Being out of consistent exercise for a few years and having some bad eating habits, I was at an all time high (in weight). Seeing all of Dan's posts of everyone getting solid results through dieting, including people I knew from the gym, seemed like a way for me to jumpstart getting back into health and fitness.

Dan was super helpful in answering the most basic of questions and sending preliminary info so I gave it a shot.

It's very easy to follow if you're committed to the program.

What was the hardest part? What as the easiest?

Just gotta stay disciplined and theres plenty of good stuff to eat! Learning to cook simple things at home was very easy once I tried.

What had you tried before? Did it work?

I had cut out bad foods and ate "healthier". It worked OK, but nowhere near as quickly, effectively and efficiently as TDP because just "eating healthier" without specific guidelines you THINK you're being better than you are.

Checking in and following a list are both very key.

What are your goals and plans moving forward?

My goals are to stay disciplined of diet guidelines and do another good Phase 1 on my own so I can send you GREAT before/after body shots. Especially since I've started going to my apartment gym twice a week now!

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