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Just Re-Do It

It's early morning. Time for a Re-do.

I'm writing this looking out my window, watching the sun rise. For six months I never saw this window. I faced the wall and never looked out. It was just the set up I chose in the room I'm in.

Switched up the desk - Re-do!

Today I have pre-entered my food into my check in for my coach. I know what I'm going to eat, exactly. I just checked my workout programming from my coach and have mentally prepared for the training.

Yesterday wasn't great? Ok - today you get. Re-do.

For me, someone who's weak point is organization, these are extremely important steps -important especially now. We have twin kindergarteners, a 4th grader and a high school senior under our roof, all doing virtual school. All of them have different needs and it's a balancing act to fulfill them all.

If the kids have a not so great day, I let them know that tomorrow they get a Re-do.

Try this - write out what you're going to eat for the day the day or night before, then follow the plan. Write out what your workout is (more on this and 'doing my own thing' in a future post) and do the work at a time that you assign.

It might not happen right away, and you won't be perfect, but perfect isn't the point. The point is to get incrementally better and chart progress with a simple to follow system.

If you mess up, get back up and (you guessed it) Just Re-do It.

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