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Medical Professional Endorsement - Alex Jonusas - Alexander Jonusas PA-c - Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgery

Americans are sicker than ever.  

Diseases of Modernity such as Obesity, Syndrome X, Diabetes, Vascular Atherosclerosis and Heart disease are at an all time high in spite of massive investments in medical technologies and interventions.  

Your chances of surviving a heart attack today is at an all time high in the acute setting, but your overall chances of not dying from cardiac disease have not changed significantly over the past decades.  

Having been involved in over 7,500 cardiac surgeries, I can attest to the power and limitations of modern medical technology.  

The good news is that the power to truly modify disease pathology lies within YOUR POWER! Diet may be the single greatest aid and most powerful medicine we have in treating and in many cases reversing diseases of modernity.  

The volume of medical literature and data that comes out every day testify to this fact.  

The Dan Plan is a simple to follow, well thought out plan that is based on sound medical principles.  

I have not only used it on myself but I have used it to guide patients towards health.  

Do yourself a favor, give your self the gift of health today.  

Alexander Jonusas PA-c 

Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgery

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