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Pat Is Three Years In and Still Keeping It Off!

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

"I used food for comfort, a stress reliever, BOREDOM, etc. Combine that with no exercise and a self destructive lifestyle= I aged FAST. And not in a good way.

I tried so- called "military" diets, Weight Watchers, Whole 30. While some worked better than others, they were all way too restrictive and chock full of unnecessary "rules".

They simply weren't sustainable.

The Dan Plan made a lot of practical sense and I needed something I could stick with. 3 years later I'm still doing it.

Initial results were pretty drastic (I think 15 pounds in 1 or 2 weeks) and it kept falling off...AS LONG AS I STUCK WITH THE PLAN. My weight would only fluctuate when I ate something I wasn't supposed to.

But I learned not to beat myself up over it and kept going on the plan.

I started at 256, currently at 175.

Just do it. It works." -Pat

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