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Wow - I started this post on April 6th - it's now May 2nd.

I've been trying to push reset for 4 weeks now.

Saturday April 4th was supposed to be the Hyrox World Championship.

I've been training since summer 2019 for it. I qualified at the Miami race in October by winning my age group, then ramped it up after qualification to hit some goals. I flew to Dallas in late February and took my coach, Chad McKay, with me. My dad joined us. I was so happy he did. We got rooms in the same hotel, he hung out with me during my last pre-race workout in the hotel gym. We all walked around Dallas, ate together, hung out and watched sports. Just precious time.

Race day. Walkin into the venue raised the hair on my neck and arms - it still does writing about it. It's the same feeling I got walking into a huge music venue a few hours before performing. Serious, but also fun. The feeling of joy at the Dallas race, both at the start and finish, were crazy good. In the starting corral I was amongst the elite, including the World Record Holder Hunter Macintyre and a couple CrossFit Games athletes - and I had earned my way there. I was giddy, smiling, joking. I was a bit nervous - but I was READY! It was a major grind but we hit the goal my coach set by almost a full minute. An hour and nineteen minutes of pure grind. Mouth breathing and floor spitting. Hugs and high fives were had. I PR'd the race by 15 minutes and built a huge head of steam and confidence in preparation for the World Championships in Berlin.

It was awesome.

I wanted to place top 10 in my AG in the world, and it was realistic that I could take top 5 with a breakthrough. It also meant that when I aged into the next bracket in 2020/2021 I'd immediately be a contender for the top spot.

It was a realistic but tough goal. I was training hard, but smart. I have a tendency to overtrain without guidance. For the first time in a long time, I had a coach I hired and trusted telling me what exactly to do, I was counting every gram of food and executing to perfection. I was massage-gunning myself twice a day and doing a ton of visualization. I drank at least 6 liters of water daily - I was feeling optimal. Not great, not amazing - optimal.

We had turned my body into a performance machine with long runs and heavy lifts and sport specific training laid out by the watchful eye of a professional coach.

...and then we started hearing about this thing in China & Italy and it looked like the race might not happen. We had already bought flights, hotels, we had already convinced my amazing mother-in-law to come stay with our four kids. ...and then reality hit like a ton of bricks.

Overnight, I was no longer training for a World Championship race, I was fighting for the survival of my businesses that I'd spent the past 12 years building, from scratch. Looking back over the past 6 weeks I can say we've been successful. We have made it this far. Most of our members are still with us. Our online classes are full (we just coaches over 120 people on our 12 year anniversary, April 28th 2020).

What has taken a hit is my sleep, my nutrition, my mental health, my training.

So - this is it. This is the reset. I'm hitting that Reset Button now.

I refuse to beat myself up about what happened. It is what it is. I could be a few pounds heavier, a few pounds lighter (I tend to under eat in times of stress) - I don't know, I haven't looked at a scale since early March.

What I do know - as a coach I promise to go harder than ever, to provide accountability and an ear to listen and a plan that works. I promise to improve this thing everyday and not lose sight of what makes this thing work - the members!

So- yep- it's the RESET - who's with me?!

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