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The Fundamental Purpose of The Dan Plan is to Simplify Nutrition.

Our mission is to help people make sustainable life long changes and provide them with the tools to sustain that change.

In order to correctly present the tools to change, we have to recognize that almost everyone has access to a huge amount of nutrition information and likely has been guided down paths that may have provided temporary, but not long term success.

Most people have some experience with eating for weight loss and may have even had some success. They have come to us because they believe that we have the solution to make their results stick, finally.

Nutrition and eating habits are emotional, cultural and deeply embedded.

Each client will have a unique set of circumstances. Our job is to provide a clear path to success. Most people you work with will need to lose weight. We will focus on teaching them better eating habits while using nutrient dense foods.

We will restrict calorie dense foods and overall calories to achieve a specific weight loss goal. We will call this initial weight loss Phase 1. This is the most restrictive portion of The Plan, and also the most generalized.

Calories, macro-nutrient balance and portions have been carefully calculated. Each client will self select meals based off of the List of Acceptable Foods and their portions. Using the Meal Plan Suggestions each client will self design their eating habits. It is up to them to stick to their plan, using a combination of the Group, Motivational Text Messaging (text DANPLAN to 41259) and Direct Messaging.

While you can motivate and help direct your clients to better habits, you cannot do the work for them. They have to be able to be held accountable. They have to prepare their meals. They have to hydrate themselves. They have to begin and stick to an exercise program.

Many people will want to sign up with you, because you provide a powerful and proven tool.

Our advice is to accept all that fit within the avatar of your client. It is important to understand that not every sign up will be a success story. This is normal.

Focus your energy on the clients that are compliant and show success. Share their success far and wide. Make them the champions of your marketing.

The more a client quickly understands and sticks to the plan (daily check ins, weekly weigh ins, compliant food and portions) the more successful they’ll be on The Plan. Likewise, the more a client tries to ‘hack’ the program, the less likely they are to succeed for the long haul.

Phase 1 is not a permanent solution, it is a piece of the puzzle. Make this very clear. If someone is struggling in Phase 1, have them focus on their goal and the success they have already had.

Phase 2 is achieved when the client has hit their ideal body weight and body composition. With Phase 2 we will increase portions and add an expanded List of Acceptable Foods. This will allow us to maintain energy balance. The client should maintain their body weight and body composition throughout Phase 2.

Phase 2 has a duration of 8 weeks. Check ins continue daily. Weigh ins continue weekly.

After successful completion of Phase 2, the client will move on to Phase 3, which includes every other weekend off from check ins. The client should have good habits and understand that these weekends off are not an excuse to binge or make bad decisions.

Phase 3 has a duration of 8 weeks. Check ins continue daily. Weigh ins continue weekly.

Phase 4 moves to weekly check ins, continuing to guide the client toward lifelong sustainable habits. At this point the client clearly understands all protocols of The Plan and is able to continually make good decisions.

Phase 5 is our performance plan that focuses on understanding how to use macro-nutrient balance in order to achieve performance and/or aesthetic goals. Phase 5 is in beta testing with an expected release date of Q2 2020.

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