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This Is A Hard One To Write.

This is a hard one to write.

I've been really bad with food. Exercise is fine, but the food has been really bad.

When this s**t hit - this is s**t and I refuse to sugarcoat it - we did what everyone else did: panic bought everything in site.

We bought a lot of junk 'for the kids'.

And we kept doing it.

I exercise enough that I'm not gaining weight, but I feel worse, lower energy, less clarity. Sure, circumstance is part of it, but I'm not helping the cause.

I reached out a few times to people to try to kick start myself, hyped up a couple restarts; even asked our coaches to help me but I don't think they took me seriously, likely thinking I was just testing them.

My habits have been horrible. Dealing with stress and all of these changes we're going through has just thrown my routine for a loop.

Today I'm done.

Today I move forward.

Today I reached out to one of our coaches - first to ask how she was, but also to ask for help.

Because I need it too.

It's hard to admit, but it shouldn't be. I'm human. Even though it's my name on the plan, I need it just as much as anyone.

Damn it feels good to write that.

I need help. With nutrition. With sleep. With accountability. Hold me accountable Coach. Please.

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