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This Mom of 4 Had Never Paid Attention to Nutrition Before...Here's What Happened When She Started.

"When I joined eight years ago I had never truly exercised before.

I got out of Physical Education class in school ever opportunity I could and when getting to my heaviest weight after my first two children were born. I joined a step class that I went to for the absolute minimum three days a week. I felt this was the number of classes necessary to loose the weight, and it worked.

Once the weight was off I stopped going altogether.

After my third child was born I joined, still it was a battle.

At some point - after having my fourth child I realized the extent that exercise was making me a  healthier person.

In addition I truly enjoyed the great community and coaches I was getting stronger with and like magic my worst place became my happy place.

Still the food was a constant issue, I'd show up at the gym in the morning and then binge eat in my pantry at night.

When Dan started his nutrition program, yet to be named The Dan Plan, I hopped on board I

knew it was time for an overall change.

I stayed on plan for 14 weeks straight and was easily in the best shape of my life!

So naturally I figured I could have my cake and eat it too. That was the start of a very bumpy road filled with many times of falling off the wagon and getting back on.

During that time I have to say my worst was never as bad, I kept getting back up and starting again."

After a year and a half of many ups, downs, and day one phase one, I realized something. As great as it was to be in shape, lean and fit and it felt amazing don't get me wrong.

There was a huge advantage I needed to focus on more. The anti-inflammatory, sugar free, nutrient balanced, clean way of eating we call "The Dan Plan" was helping me sleep better and most importantly brought down my anxiety levels by at least 40%.

It wasn't only about the physical aspect anymore or about the fact that on The Dan Plan my pull ups are better because I feel physically lighter.

The fact is I am stronger and lighter mentally as well - with more energy and presence of mind to be a parent, wife and overall stronger person.

Truth time, today I am on week 3 of phase one and there are many moments I am Hangry and just wanna grab my kids cookies out of their hands. 

The Journey is one that doesn't end, it's a day to day decision to be better, stronger and healthier in every way. Sometimes that I feel like "oh yeah I so have this" and others I hate everyone who eats cookies, yes phase 4 people even you.

Either way it's worth every second when I remind myself that I am sleeping at night without 1,000 anxieties or Cocoa Pebbles calling my name.

The muscle up progression doesn't hurt either ;-) Phase 2 I'm coming for you!"

-Carolena Herz

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