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Truth Time!

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

I am not overweight, I don't have high sugar or high blood pressure. I'm just not reaching my goals so what's the big deal if I like dessert...

That's what I tell myself as I sit down for my first bowl of cereal, which usually turns into 4, don't forget the sleeve of cookies, maybe some chips, if there is chocolate definitely some of that and then one last bowl of cereal for good measure.

It's my cycle, I do great I'm on plan I'm losing weight but most importantly my energy level is up and my anxiety is down. 

Then comes the comfort zone I tell myself I can have just one piece of dessert and I start the cycle all over again.

Sometimes it lasts a couple of days, sometimes weeks, but it is always followed by embarrassment, frustration and resentment of myself. 

Last week after about three days of night time binging I woke up uncomfortable, snapping at my kids and overly defensive to my husband.

I tend to joke around about this a lot, but for some reason this particular morning nothing felt funny about it so I texted Dan... I NEED A MEETING!

We scheduled a phone call and I heard myself say I am legitimately exhibiting addictive behaviors I can't keep doing this....PHEW saying that out loud is scary and freeing all at the same time.

Not everyone is affected by sugar or even food this way. Just like not everyone is affected by alcohol.

We all have our own challenges and our own journey.

A big part of what being truly successful entails isn't beating ourselves up when we fail. #betternotperfect It's being honest with our peers and coaches, the people trying to help and support us, but most important of all it's being honest with ourselves.

This week tell yourself a truth!

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