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Why You Need To Bet On Yourself

"Truthfully I've just been over trying to convince myself that I'm worth this kind of investment. Don't know if I've ever really spent this much on myself. Ready for a lifestyle change though."

This was a recent message from a new member of The Dan Plan.


Think about this. My services teach you life long habits.

The basics (and beyond) of Nutrition, Accountability, Mindset, Exercise & Sleep habits.

It's much cheaper than a car, more affordable than a lot of new computers, not much more that a loaded iPhone - and yet people hesitate to invest in themselves.



Fear that they won't follow through, fear that they'll fail, fear that they're not worth it. Let me be the first to tell you - YOU are worth it.

Now, you need to absorb that.

You. Are. Worth. It.

No matter what deep seeded beliefs about yourself that you have, you are worth it.

More than any car, more than any computer, more than any phone, more than any designer handbag, YOU are worth the bet on yourself. Usually when someone comes my way and we end up on a phone call, they've been consuming my content for a while, they align with my values and principles, they understand the basics of what I do.

Heck, I give away my best and most valuable information - but this isn't an information service.

The information is free, the coaching is what you pay for.

I know a lot (A LOT!) about Nutrition, Accountability, Mindset, Exercise & Sleep. I've spent years and 10's of thousands of dollars and 10's of thousands of hours (maybe 100's of thousands by now?) educating myself on these subjects.

Still, I pay someone to write my workouts, to coach me through competitions.

I pay someone to look at my business from the outside, to provide perspective.

This shocks some people - but I'm worth the investment.

So why do I do it? Why do I pay for coaching for my personal and business life?

It's simple - I'm worth betting on - and so are you.

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