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Sometimes What You Want Is NOT What You Need

"What do I do if I want something sweet?"

Sugar is NOT the devil, but it will slow your results down big time. It's added to almost everything processed, is easy to over consume and other than acting as a great fuel source for higher level endurance athletes that consume it mid-workout, there is not much to show that it's good for you.

Sugar is my biggest weakness, mostly because I've used it to substitute for alcohol.

Some days I do better, some days I fail (these are usually the days my wife buys snacks like M&M's "for the kids").

"But what about alcohol?"

Alcohol is the number one results killer. It messes up your sleep, metabolizes horribly and has no positive side effects, regardless of what that study about red wine funded by The Red Wine Association says. It's really the biggest sticking point that I see for a lot of people.

Most folks that drink don't think they drink too much, or 'that much' until they start logging their daily intake. I mentioned sleep being changed by alcohol.

If you're struggling in fitness, health, well being or just general mindset, the first place to look is sleep... the second is hydration. They're the simplest, easiest wins, and often when you undertake an exercise and nutrition plan these things will both improve without a ton of effort.

SO - you might WANT sugar, you might WANT booze, you might WANT to stay up late binge watching the latest show - but if you're after results, SERIOUS results - ask yourself - "Do I NEED this? Will it help me get to where I want to go?"

You'll see people try to tell you, "You can eat what you want and lose belly fat!" Sorry, you can't. Real results require an amount of discipline. Sure, you can have a treat, or an occasional drink, or a late night here and there, but what you can't have is a treat every day, drinks a few times a week, late nights - AND results. They just don't go together!

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